May 5, 2015

We will be working out some tweaks and frequently making some touch ups to the new site… but for all intents and purposes, after some time away…. and after being hacked by a site that would do much more than make your mother blush, markderosemusicandart.com is BACK UP AND RUNNING!!!! Hopefully, even better than before.

The new site features the basics – a front page blog (you’re reading it), a shows page with an up to date gig calendar, a music page where folks can have a listen to all Mark DeRose recordings, a watch (and groove along) page – with videos and photos and finally… a contact page, where you can write Mark directly to inquire about whatever you’d like – gigs, music, burritos and baseball!

ADDITIONALLY, you will note a button at the bottom right of the main window on each and every page within Mark DeRose Music. This button will allow you to toggle back and forth between Mark DeRose Music and a brand new site – Mark DeRose Art! This site looks much like Mark DeRose Music but features my visual art work. Ranging from everyday graphic design art work, to corn hole boards, to cajons, to installation art work pieces that are a little more out of the ordinary, Mark DeRose Art aims to be “positively useful”! Please take a visit and have a look.

I am hopeful you ENJOY the new site and will come back often to keep up to date and to keep in touch with all things Mark DeRose Music AND Art!! ‘Tis great to be back!

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