MarkDeRoseMusicandArt.com is devoted to communicating through words and pictures my attempt to positively effect those with whom I come into contact through BOTH my visual art work and my music.

Here, on the “art side of things”, you will see many varied examples of how I am attempting to do this – from everyday graphic design applications to the more off the beaten path, functional art installations I produce – all of it is an attempt to produce work that is “positively useful”!

Graphic Design – Thus far, most of my work has served the music industry, focusing on the design of logos, posters, cd artwork and t-shirts. My work has a retro and vintage feel to it.  I’m hopeful to make my work useful in any industry that feels my style would be fitting! Currently, graphic design is my “day gig” … thus, “Have gig? Will design”!

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T-Shirt Design – What better way to cross promote my music and artwork than on the front of a t-shirt that can go anywhere in the world! All tees are American made and printed right here in Lancaster, PA by Unique Apparel. All artwork is 100% original and captures the positive vibe and ethos of Mark’s music and lyrics.

“Feel good” in one of these super soft tees!! More tees and designs to come in the near future!

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Cajons/Kidjons – New to the line up, these handmade drums feature my graphic design work as well as are available for custom design.

A cajón (Spanish pronunciation – Ka-hon) literally means “box”, “crate” or “drawer”. It is a six sided, box-shaped percussion instrument originally from Peru, played by slapping the front or rear faces. It’s made of thin plywood and has a drum snare fastened inside. It is played with the hands, fingers, or sometimes various implements such as brushes, mallets, or sticks.

Kidjons… they are ALL OF THE ABOVE, just in KIDDO sizes to fit your little one.

Over the last handful of years, cajons have become very popular in the Singer/Songwriter world that Mark inhabits. They serve as a great means of simple percussive accompaniment to a singer performing only w/his or her instrument and voice.

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Installation/Functional Art – A little while back, I had a project come my way that required me to go way outside my comfort zone and actually design and construct functional art pieces to be used in a restaurant. In the end, I discovered new ways to incorporate my art work into every day useful items!!!

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Cornhole Boards – Cornhole, also known as Bean Bag Toss, Dadhole, Doghouse, Baggo, or simply Bags, is an American lawn game in which players take turns throwing bags of corn at a raised platform with a hole in the far end. Throw on some of my original art work OR your own unique custom design, and you’ve got yourself a PARTY!

Mark DeRose Music Brand Goods – Who could be my greatest client? My very own MUSIC!

The stage and show not only offer the ideal place to showcase my music, but serve as a great place to promote my artwork and creations.

Visit the merchandise table and you will discover an LED lit “Merch Box” made from a repurposed guitar case that’s adorned with custom vinyl artwork! You will also find a varied selection of handmade items – buttons, magnets, tees. Looking at the stage, you can take in the artwork that adorns items such as guitar cases sprayed with one of a kind graffitti and printed piano cases and kick drums with original Mark DeRose artwork!

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Thanks so much, I am hopeful you find your visit to be “positively useful”!