The 5th… CORRECTION 6th Annual Rootenanny THANK YOU!!!

July 29, 2015

20150725_202749Thanks SO MUCH to all who came out to be a part of what TURNED OUT TO BE THE 6TH ANNUAL ROOTENANNY!!! Who knew? Well, I should of… and ended up figuring it out just before we opened the doors this past Saturday night. A little careful counting never hurt anyone!!!

The weather was UNBELIEVABLE….. and the crowd that grew throughout the night was such a pleasure to play for. I don’t like wishing life away, but I do greatly look forward to Rootenanny 2016, the 7th ANNUAL, to do it all over again. We’ve found a great little spot to host our event in the Mini Golf Park at Heritage Hills and look forward to doing the same in a year.

We will likely wiggle the date a bit… it would seem the end of JULY is a very common time for family vacation… Who knew? Well… again, maybe I should have counted.

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