When you have to say no, say it like Dogfish!

July 24, 2015

Micro Brew LOVERS… specifically, fans of Dogfish Head Brewery… I am overall, a fan of what Dogfish “does”… Enjoy their beer, EVEN more love their TOP to BOTTOM sense of branding… everything seems to go back to their “off centered” approach!

I just became even more of a fan and wanted to share…

I recently applied to perform at their Brew Pub in Rehoboth, and yesterday received a letter informing me that they are going to pass on my music for now.

They stated something to the effect of they appreciated my kind interest in wanting to work with them … enjoyed checking out my tunes and videos… but currently needed to pass on what I do…. and they sincerely thanked me for applying.

MOST gigs you hear nothing back… IF you are lucky, you get a form letter stating they are not interested (which is understood, they are bombarded by applications)… Taking the time to write me back individually is unheard of and greatly appreciated by me!!!

I suppose it’s more of that TOP to BOTTOM branding that they do… Keep up the great work Dogfish… it’s inspiring! (PS. I am hopeful to play at your venue in Rehoboth one day!!!)

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