LOCAL SHOW, return to Tellus 360!

September 9, 2015


My mates in The Dreadnought Brigade and I will be heading back to one of our favorite local venues, Tellus 360 on Friday October 2nd. After a summer of playing outdoor shows and being away from our friends at Tellus, we could not be more STOKED to be heading back there.

IF you have not visited Tellus 360, you owe it to yourself to get there. It’s one of the FRIENDLIEST places I’ve had the opportunity to play on a regular basis…. With a staff that truly makes you feel welcome with a bit of their Irish flair and kindness, a wide selection of beers and food, it’s a rather unique local venue. Our little town of Lancaster is lucky to have Tellus 360….visit www.tellus360.com

All that said, it would make me extremely pleased on the 2nd of October, if we could give Tellus a room full of folks dancin’ and groovin’ to our tunes! I’m envisioning/hearing Tellus’ proprietor Joe saying in his thick Irish accent, “Thanks very much for bringin’ us out a good crowd”!!  Ahh… it’s truly and Irish dream for me….

‘Til then, the wifey and I will be on baby watch – due date Sept. 19!! Thanks for reading and stopping by… my best – Mark

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