News coming about at this week’s end – WORLD CAFE LIVE & A KID’S SHOW!

June 24, 2016

WORLD CAFE LIFE – A new gig offer came in this week from a new show producer we are excited to be working with – Afton Shows – MARK DeROSE & The Dreadnought Brigade to perform at World Cafe Live on Thursday July 14th – showtime 6:30P!

Philly is the closest and biggest “town” (I can see in my head my Philly “cuzins” rolling their eyes as they read the word TOWN) for my music to aim to play in on a regular basis. Getting to perform at shows like these on a regular basis is ALL ABOUT bringing out our fans and filling up the seats!

IF YOU ARE READY TO PURCHASE get your tickets here … Up until July 1st, use the promo code MARK168 and get $2 off! 

FIRST EVER SOLO KID’S SHOW – as some of you may know, I spent round about 3 years playing bass with local to Lancaster kid’s entertainer Steven Courtney. I’ve always enjoyed kiddos – perhaps bc I never mentally matured much further than the age of 12 – and of course I LOVE MUSIC… So it was during that time this time performing with Steven that the songwriter in me thought further about this logical marriage.

SO, I did ponder upon the thought, ”HEY… maybe I can do this as well?”…. and Me thunk it further, and I concluded, “Yup I can!”.

SOOOO… I’ve been doing some writing – attempting to “keep it simple” but “keep it feel good” – for the kiddo market and I have MY FIRST EVER SOLO KID’S SHOW this weekend! (Saying it’s a “show” may be a stretch as it’s a birthday party for one of my dear ol’ buddy’s 4 year old daughter. None the less, it’s a good way for me to get my feet wet. MY FIRST REAL KID’S SHOW? Friday July 29th at Martin Memorial Library in York, PA.)  

Wish me well… I’m surprised how nervous I am about this performance…. it’s a bit more safe hiding behind the bass and performing with a veteran like Steven.


TONIGHT – SOLO @ Spring Gate Vineyard 6P

TOMORROW – TRIO @ Ephrata Brew Fest  2P

TOMORROW NIGHT – DUO @ Columbia Kettle Works  7P

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