‘Tis the season for Spring/Summer time bookings!

February 10, 2017

This time of year finds me hunkered down at the computer most everyday in an attempt to get shows on the calendar for the Spring/Summer festival and event season. I am happy to say that bookings have started to come in and if all continues, it will be a good season of shows out in the sweet sunshine!

A highlight of what’s come in so far:

4.8 Ales & Rails – PA Railroad Museum, Strausburg, PA
4.23 Pork in the Park – Salisbury, MD
5.13 Mount Hope Brew Fest – Lebanon, PA
6.24 Ephrata Brew Fest – Ephrata, PA
6.25 Wine and Swine – Fort Hunter – Harrisburg, PA
8.13 Italian Lake Concert Series – Harrisburg, PA
I will keep you posted on updates… Food for thought, ever think of hosting a backyard BBQ/Party with your favorite band playing tunes for you and your guests? All it takes is some ample space, good feed and drink, some friends and some understanding neighbors… oh, and an extension chord running from the house to the band’s PA system and you’ve got yourself a party!

One of our favorite gigs from last summer was just this type of event. IF this sounds like something you might want to consider/discuss, email me at Mark@MarkDeRoseMusic.com!

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