End of the OUTDOOR season of shows!

October 24, 2017

This past Saturday the 21st of October marked the end of our season of outdoor shows. It was a good and busy season with many a great gig. We are thankful it was capped off with a great gig at the Adams County Winery for their first ever SCRAPPLE FEST! That’s right… SCRAPPLE…and a FESTIVAL devoted to it. They even had a wine that was “Scrapple-eee”! (Not to be confused with Scrappy Doo…who was an ill conceived sidekick to the very lovable Scooby Doo!)

The gig calendar slows down a bit in these colder weather months. We do keep gigging here and there.. so do stay tuned to the shows page – www.markderosemusic.com/shows. ┬áThis time of year brings with it some behind the scenes efforts of writing, rehearsing, booking and some down time…. which you will be updated on.

Oh yes… and do keep an eye out for the occasional masquerading as Yukon Cornelius and The Bumbles! (SEE December’s gig schedule)

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