Friends… this Sunday from 4 to 7, at Loxley’s (500 Centerville Rd. Lancaster, PA) we will be soaking up what remains of our summer gig schedule. We will be performing upstairs in the “treehouse” area of Loxley’s. Treehouse? Yup… the upstairs deck is configured to feel like you’re enjoying eats and liquid treats in the comfort of a treehouse! Visit their site, check it out for yourself!

Hopeful to see you in a few days…

Library shows halfway point!

Today marks the halfway point for what’s been a great summer season of library show bookings for me, 34 in all! Check out the listing below for the remaining list of shows.

This Sunday’s “woodshed”

We are working on learning a good assortment of new tunes. We’ve lined up a monthly slot w Loxleys (500 Centerville Rd Lancaster) to “woodshed” or, in other words, jam and work out these tunes. On the docket for this Sunday:

Original tunes – Stay and Breathing Life.

Cover tunes – The Way It Is, We Can Work It Out, When The Levee Breaks, Rock N Roll, If I Had A Boat, Big Yellow Taxi, The Weight.

We are going to dig in and hold on and see how the muse finds us!!! Hopeful you will join us.

Sunday June 3, 2-5 p at Loxley’s!

UPCOMING SHOWS – May and slightly beyond!